As some may already know, EY.MD is something I do in my free time for no specific reason. I've thought long and hard (not really but it sounds good) to figure out why I continue to bother with all of this and I wasn't able to find a concrete answer. All I know is that some of the shit I put on here or other portions of the site make me laugh. I'd like to take this opportunity to show you some of the behind-the-scenes but mainly focus on the VPS providers that couldn't provide what they claimed to provide.

For the longest time, the portion of the site was hosted with Servarica, not because I liked it or because they had a revolutionary product but because they offered 2TB of storage and adequate resources for the cheapest price ($5 a month). All I was using this server for was hosting random shit and allowing people to upload files through a file hosting script. When the Christchurch Shooting happened I acquired all of the videos and webm's through 4chan's and 8chan's boards as well as some from KiwiFarms. The majority of file sharing links that were being spread around were constantly being removed by hosting and service providers, that's when I had the idea to bring up a file hosting script and upload the files and share the links. This was done for two specific reasons: to reduce the bandwidth of providers that were not budging to bullshit abuse reports (such as KiwiFarms) and to provide people with the opportunity to view such content if they chose to do so.

If you look at my transparency report page, you'll see that I've received 2 direct complaints/claims to date and the other 2 were sent directly to the provider (IP address owner) through CloudFlare. I had my fun with the original 2 complaints and then did not hear back from them until the 23rd of this month. It's important to note that shitty New Zealander ISP's like Spark resorted to establishing DNS-level blocking of my site as well as any other sites that did not respond affirmatively to their content removal requests.

I continued to host the shooting videos along with Brenton Tarrant's manifesto until an 'Anonymous' reporter submitted an abuse report through Cloudflare which was then forwarded to the provider. The provider, in this case, was Servarica. They received the complaint, suspended the server, and did not offer any information why that was done until I submitted a ticket myself. They promptly unsuspended it and allowed me to move anything I needed to move, however, they told me they would be unable to let the server remain online if such content was not removed. You can see their final reply below:

Final ticket response from Servarica staff Hani A.

Not being mad at Servarica at all, especially when you consider that they are a small provider and don't want to do the leg work of figuring out what is illegal and isn't illegal, I simply chose to move all the data, remove it from the server and told them the content was removed. I then proceeded to cancel my services with them as while I like supporting smaller companies, I won't bow down to bullshit censorship attempts.

My next stop on the list of VPS providers was Secure Dragon for which I reviewed the Terms of Service before purchasing and saw no terms that I would be breaking by hosting my storage repository there. After bringing online, it took them 6 hours or so to simply refund me my money and shut the server down without so much of an explanation. I didn't care to find out, I just simply moved on looking for a non-retarded provider.

My final stop before going with the provider is currently hosted on, I found a VPS provider in the shit-tier country of Lithuania. That provider was Time4VPS, and it was the best stop on my journey if you're grading by lack of english comprehension and shitty customer service. I purchased and finished setting up the newly provisioned Storage VPS on July 25th 2:30 AM CST.  The server was suspended at 6:10 AM CST that very same day (while I was sleeping in my wheelchair), that's a fast turn around on an abuse report. They provided me with the following information in the support ticket:

Time4VPS - First Ticket Response

I, being the paraplegic African American, responded asking them to show me where in their Terms of Service it states that footage of a shooting video is not allowed. It wasn't in their Terms of Service but they wouldn't admit to it and rather just wanted to go in circles with me. It's also important to note this is a 'DMCA Notice' that is not filled out in the proper DMCA format, good job. I'm done narrating this shit, just look at the convos below:

Regina starts talking out of her loose Lithuanian asshole
Oh no, what will I do without Lithuanian services ??? :(
My dog typed this, I take no responsibility.
Not refundable is important to note here, because I did get my money back.
Two can play the game of time constraints.
Lol, not refundable huh? I have a U.S. Paypal Business account with $5,000+ (avg) in monthly spending, do they honestly think PayPal would side with them over me?
Yeah, good luck with that refund policy in the future.

Following the tradition of using faces of people that did not agree to it, enjoy my amazingly edited image below which includes a random whore from Time4VPS.

Time4VPS staff being shot

So now that we have all that out of the way, found a new home and will continue to host the New Zealand shooting videos, amongst other things.

I recommend you stay away from these providers, outside of Servarica as they've actually been pretty cool for the most part. As for Time4VPS specifically, I hope they kill themselves.

Thanks for reading the diary of a paraplegic African American man.