This blog exists to make fun of special needs people, quite possibly including the person reading this as well as people submitting non-substantiated copyright claims and establishing DNS level blocking at irrelevant ISP (Internet Service Providers).

If you'd like to report a blog post, a file, or anything else that angers you, please feel free to email me at mj [at]

Any such reports, if not retarded on purpose, will be published on the transparency report located HERE.

In terms of what we don't allow on our platform, see below:

  1. Images or videos of any black people, especially if they are African-Americans. Gypsies are ok though cuz they're not really black.
  2. Child pornography
  3. Malware not classified as such. We can host malware for malware analysis purposes but not without it being OBVIOUS that the file is malware.

Outside of that, anything goes.

If you're dissatisfied with the rules, please feel free to go fuck yourself.